This project means to achieve a change in the relationship between energy and environment through a device conceptually and structurally inspired by the alternating motion of the combustion engine, that can convert the magnetic energy intrinsic to permanent magnets into electricity in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way.
The device in question, further referred to as the Autonomous Motor, allows for the exploitation of the magnetic energy intrinsic to permanent magnets in order to produce sufficient motive energy to allow a dynamo to function, thus producing an even and continuous flow of electricity.
The Autonomous Motor is meant to bring a solution to the problems caused by the exploitation of fossil resources. Its implementation in various sectors can become a major driver of the economy, reduce emissions and create jobs at the same time.
Despite appearances, the Autonomous Motor is not a threat to the oil market. Considering that oil resources are not infinite, the Autonomous Motor provides an effective and pollution-free substitute for the continued operation of current fuel-powered sectors while promoting a more responsible use of the valuable oil resources still available on the planet.
The standard motor is made of aluminium, measures 35 x 35 x 25 cm and weighs about 30 kg. The motor can be scaled from approximately 20 x 20 x 25 cm to 100 x 100 x 40 cm. Multiple motors of the same size and rotational speed can be chained together to obtain a more powerful compound power unit.
The Autonomous Motor enables the production of the Autonomous Electricity Generator, the Autonomous Electrogen Group and the Automotive Upgrade Kit.
The Autonomous Electricity Generators are primarily designed to supply the energy required for the residential sector, the Autonomous Electrogen Groups are primarily designed to supply the energy required for the industrial sector, and the Automotive Upgrade Kits are specifically designed to replace the traditional combustion engine of any vehicle currently in circulation.
The implementation of these products in the residential, industrial and transportation sectors will generate a massive reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as a massive reduction of energy production costs.
The decentralisation of energy production enabled by the Autonomous Electricity Generators allows for the availability of electricity in rural and underdeveloped areas without the need for expensive industrial installations.
Our Business Plan is available upon request and provides a complete overview of the project and its aims.
Within we have described our product, how we intend to implement it, the amount of CO2 its implementation will cut down on, an estimation of its market potential, and a breakdown of the funds required for its realisation. At the bottom of the document we have listed all relevant resources, providing context to all calculations and data within.
This project is in line with the following U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) :
SDG7 for Clean and Affordable Energy as the Autonomous Motor does not generate any emissions and incurs no costs beyond the purchase of the motor itself.
SDG13 for Climate Action as the Autonomous Motor's complete lack of emissions halts all further pollution in every sector it is implemented in.
The project is currently in the "Proof of Concept" stage. A prototype is available but, due to the lack of sufficient funds, its final version could not be made materially available at this time.
The documents describing the motor are filed at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property under the title "Autonomous Motor" with registration number 117446.
The Intellectual Property will be protected through a patent. Its application will be filed upon the completion of the Motor's final version and will essentially lay claim to the principle of the motor's operation rather than the structure itself. This approach allows for a better protection of the innovation, since a similar motor, even when structurally modified, will still fall under the protection of the patent in case it operates using the same principle.
The advantages of realising this project will involve socio-economical growth through the creation of new jobs in the industry, the mass reduction of harmful emissions and the availability of affordable clean energy for everyone.
The early stage of the project, the small size of our company and the lack of sufficient funds at present make this a rather challenging venture. Despite this, the meaningful impact that the implementation of this project will have on the environment and the current climatic problems make it a worth-while investment.
The Autonomous Motor is our primary product and we hold its exclusivity. To reduce production costs and facilitate the availability of our products on the market, the production of loose parts and components will be spread through the metallurgical industry.
We estimate a large demand of products from the energy market due to the electricity generators’ high scalability and production levels, their embeddability in any vehicle and the decentralised energy production they enable, as well as the lack of maintenance and operation costs, towering infrastructures and environmental impacts.
The Autonomous Electricity Generators and the Automotive Upgrade Kits are ideally meant to be produced independently by the industry, their respective Production Kits are designed to facilitate this approach.
The advantage of this approach is that every generator produced by the industry inevitably equates to the sale of an Autonomous Motor or the granting of a production licence.
Should you be interested in participating in this venture, please refer to the contact page.