The amount of pollution currently present in the atmosphere mitigates the brightness of the sun, causing a decrease in rainfall which leads to an increase in temperature, the spread of desertification, the melting of glaciers, the rise of the sea level and the thawing of permafrost.
Diminishing or even stopping pollution completely, while helpful, will not impact the rise of the temperature in a sufficient measure to halt global warming. Considering the current situation, global action is essential to actively combat the problem.
The products that we have developed use permanent magnets as sole energy source and therefore do not require any external power supply or fuel of any kind in order to operate. This enables a complete decentralisation of energy generation, which will be indispensable for the realisation of the devices that we have conceived, which will contribute to the effort towards the preservation of the environment.
The implementation of our products in the automotive, residential and industrial sectors will produce a massive reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions as well as provide the financial means necessary to implement the devices described below.
Global Warming Mitigation and Temperature Stabilisation
Precipitation is an extremely important factor in the mitigation of global warming. For this purpose we have designed a Steam Generator System that can increase precipitation through the evaporation of ocean water.
The Steam Generator System is essentially a floating platform, specifically designed to produce large amounts of steam that will rise to the sky and aid in cloud formation. The platform is equipped with a kettle that has a capacity of 100 cubic meters and can evaporate approximately 120 cubic meters of ocean water per day.
These platforms are maintained in position though GPS coordinates, are completely autonomous, operate 24/7 and do not require any staff on board for their operation. A radio system allows each platform to broadcast its position and operating status to a remote control panel and receive GPS coordinates.
The mass implementation of the Steam Generator Systems can have many beneficial effects on the environment, primarily though the formation of clouds and temperature stabilisation.
The evaporation of ocean water through the Steam Generator Systems will increase the amount of water vapour present in the atmosphere, subsequently increasing cloud formation and the frequency of precipitation, thus gradually cleaning the air of polluted particles and helping to reestablish the natural water cycle.
Increasing the frequency of precipitation will help counteract heatwaves and droughts through gradual and less intense rainfall, which is more easily absorbed by the earth than heavy rainfall is, subsequently diminishing the likeliness of floods occurring.
Inducing precipitation to lower and stabilise temperatures will contribute to the reduction of global warming feedback loops over time, slowing the overall warming of the planet.
Ocean Water Desalination for Consumption and Irrigation
In addition to the Steam Generator System, we have conceived the Water Cleaning System, specifically designed to clean large amounts of ocean water from salt and other impurities contained within through evaporation and the subsequent condensation of the resulting steam.
These installations can be placed underground, are completely autonomous, operate 24/7 and are equipped with kettles possessing a capacity of 500 cubic meters that are capable of producing approximately 600 cubic meters of fresh water per day. A radio system allows each installation to broadcast its operating status to a remote control panel, which manages its operations.
The mass implementation of the Water Cleaning Systems can have many beneficial effects on the environment, primarily though irrigation.
The combined amount of water that the Steam Generator and Water Cleaning Systems can evaporate will gradually counteract the rising of the sea level and help preserve seaside towns and cities. This will be aided by the increased precipitation induced by the Steam Generator Systems, which can help lower the warming ocean temperatures and subsequently reduce the water's expansion.
The scalability of the Water Cleaning Systems allows them to draw from oceans and rivers alike, providing fresh water for consumption and irrigation. Underground pipes connected to a pump allow for easier transportation of the cleaned water to inland water storage facilities or natural fresh water sources.
The availability of such vast quantities of fresh water allows for more liberal irrigation of crops, as well as the irrigation of arid zones in order to actively push back spreading desertification and make the land more suitable for agriculture and farming.
To further counteract the effects of desertification, artificial lakes and rivers can be constructed. This will help introduce new flows of water in otherwise dry land until the flows become natural and self-sustained, while also cooling the earth and reducing the amount of surfaces absorbing heat in arid continents.
Realisation and Implementation of the devices
The production, operation and maintenance of the Steam Generator and Water Cleaning systems will be funded by us through revenue generated by the sales of the Autonomous Motor and its subsequent products.
However, in order to put these facilities into operation, it is essential to gain permission from countries supporting this initiative through agreements for the placement of the Steam Generator platforms and Water Cleaning installations in their territories.
The countries that grant these permissions will benefit economically from the employment opportunities that the local construction and maintenance of these devices will generate, as well as profit from the environmental benefits that the implementation of these devices will produce in their respective territories.
The effectiveness of this initiative will be directly proportional to the number of installations that we will be allowed to implement.
All these factors, combined with the massive reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions resulting from the implementation of the Autonomous Motor and its subsequents products, could generate significant recovery and improvement in the environment and its ecosystems, induce a decrease in the effects of global warming and, over time, give rise to the reversibility of climate change patterns.
The Natural Water Cycle
We have included a link to the article A Comprehensive Study of the Natural Water Cycle from USGS that will shed further light on the natural state of the water cycle as it would be without pollution present in the atmosphere, which will provide a better look into the areas we aim to influence with this project, as well as give an idea of its importance.
Though we have taken care not to be too alarming, it is important to be aware of the severity of the situation, and that, with a joint effort, the natural water cycle can be restored in order to preserve the environment and its ecosystems, subsequently preserving life on earth.