Tailored Network Applications
The project samples on this page are composed of project concepts based on previous works that give an idea of what projects we have completed in the past and the sort of features and functionalities we have experience with implementing. These projects serve as examples and contain a short description of each application's capabilities. More common products we have made, such as back-ends, front-ends or webshops are not listed here.
Due to the specific nature of the applications, the confidentiality of our clients' information and the underlying complexity of the applications themselves, no previews of the applications can be made available.
Interactive Scheduling and Notification Application
This application is designed to provide a platform that makes scheduling shifts or rosters easier to manage and is especially suited for use in large businesses and chain stores.
The application can store and manage multiple different schedules and users at once, making it easy for a single group to display and manage the schedules of multiple chain stores in one space.
The application is equipped with an easy to use interface and a well-defined management system in order to provide a smooth experience for all users.
The various user interfaces include a management interface for the management of chain stores, schedules and users as well as an interface for users to input their availability, request free time and view their rosters in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly increments.
The application also uses a notification system that allows for push notifications or email notifications to the various users when changes are made to their schedules and new schedules are uploaded. This system also enables notifications regarding whether or not these updates have been read by the recipient user.
The application is suitable for desktop and mobile use and can also be accessed through a browser.
Interactive Real-time Translation Application
This application is designed to allow a large number of translators from various different countries and with different language qualifications to work on the same project simultaneously.
The application allows for the easy grouping and management of translators, listing the contact details and languages of each translator and contains a notification system that sends an email either manually or automatically when a translator is assigned to a project and when a new stage of the project begins.
Each new translation project is comprised of various settings, from the master language and the languages it should be translated to, the selection and notifications for translators or groups of translators, an import with formats of choice for the master file to be translated, and much more.
The application can also save previously completed translations and reuse them when coming across the same text to be translated, saving every language the text has been translated in and saving matching translations of new languages as well.
This application, in conjunction with the Interactive Graphics & Charts Creator, is used for the production of the content for the Eurobarometer publications of the European Commission.
Real-time Social Media Analyser
This application is designed to analyse posts from any social media and use the obtained data to determine a user's opinion (positive, negative or neutral), wishes, intentions, sex, age and language and compile this information in the form of graphics and charts.
The application can analyse hundreds of social media posts per second, providing real-time updating graphics and charts displaying the requested information for use in various statistics sectors, such as politic and commercial sectors.
Interactive Graphics & Charts Creator
This application is designed to mass produce high quality graphics and charts of any type in multiple languages simultaneously and allows multiple people to work on the same interface and graphics simultaneously as well.
The graphics can be exported in various sizes and file types. The primary file type is PNG and the graphics can be exported in print, screen, thumbnail and icon sizes. Vector graphics and PDF file types could also be implemented.
The application can generate the graphics in various languages and using various data to produce a range of graphics and charts from the same template, and each iteration can be adapted or corrected individually as well.
The graphics types the application features are bar charts of various types, pie charts of various types, donut charts, line charts, and maps among others.
This application, in conjunction with the Interactive Real-time Translation Application, is used for the production of the content for the Eurobarometer publications of the European Commission.