About Allmansland

Allmansland is a Dutch company committed to the development of renewable energy solutions that has developed and will develop techniques that are complementary to current green and renewable energy resources in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way.

The mission of Allmansland is to fund products that make a contribution to the improvement of the environment by reducing emissions and by producing and using alternative energy in a profitable business concept. With Allmansland's products and services, the dependence on fossil fuels for energy production can be further reduced. The motive of the developers is a fundamental attitude for a better environment through the use of renewable energy, leaving the available fossil fuels on our planet for uses other than the production of energy.

In this context Allmansland’s ambition is to become a company with a prominent position and reputation in the market as a company which can achieve a change in the relationship between energy and environment. Allmansland wants to achieve this by funding products and services in the market of innovative applications. Its products are geared towards the reduction of traditional energy consumption and the improvement of the environment.

The innovations consist of so called disruptive techniques and hi-tech solutions which can be used for several applications. Allmansland has incorporated these innovations in products which fit into the worldwide need for CO2 limitation and micro grid energy solutions.

The innovations and products are based on concrete demand from the market / companies and are designed as practical solutions. These solutions will be further developed to broad(er) markets / customers. In the thus developed product of Allmansland, from the perspective of independent research, a distinction can be made in: existing technology transformed to obtain small scale applications new additions to existing technologies that make new applications

Allmansland is a knowledge company and doesn’t seek its own production facilities, instead choosing to work together with leading production companies, which guarantees the quality of the finished products.

Allmansland chooses its partners for contracts carefully and works closely with a law firm that specialises in the areas of intellectual property, co-author and license contracts.