Tailored Network Applications
Welcome to Allmansland, a small company based in the Netherlands that specialises in Tailored Network Applications.
A Network Application refers to an application that is designed to allow multiple users to access the same interface and data simultaneously, and work on it in real time. These applications can either be conceived as a standalone app, or be displayed in a browser.
Each user interface connected to the server is linked to all other active connections and will update based on the actions taken by each user where applicable. This enables a much more fluid workflow from a small team working in the same office to larger teams spread across continents, enhancing the collaborative environment to new levels.
Development Tools and Techniques
Our applications are 100% hand written with the classic HTML, CSS and Javascript tools, using clear and simple building blocks to establish a strong foundation on which to develop the application's various functionalities. This approach allows us to add, modify, adapt, expand, alter functionalities and much more with ease and near limitless possibilities, regardless of the application's complexity.
This development approach also allows for highly customisable interfaces for front-end users and back-end management alike, ensuring optimised workflow through fast, smooth and easy to use interfaces specifically designed for the required functionalities of your application.
We make use of dedicated physical Ubuntu servers equipped with the classic web server Apache in conjunction with PHP, Node.js to provide the needed level of interactivity and responsiveness, and Mongodb to provide database support. The flexibility of the document-based approach of the Mongodb database system is most suited for the requirements of the applications we produce.
Our service
A test server will be available for each application in development in order to work on the application in an isolated environment and provide the opportunity to follow the development of the application, allowing the client to provide feedback and commentary on the different stages of the project as it progresses. This server will remain active even upon completion of the project and the application's installation on its dedicated production server, which allows for further alterations or updates and testing without causing any interferences in the workflow of the main application.
Upon completion of the development we will install, set up and provide maintenance for the dedicated production server of the application. This includes the installation of all required software on the server, the implementation of security measures against hacking and a custom server check that reports on the server's status every minute. Daily reports are sent out via email at midnight UTC to provide a simple overview of the server status. Should any issues occur the server will report this immediately, allowing for a quick resolution of the issues at hand in order to keep everything working as smoothly as possible.
Should the client wish to continue development independently upon completion of the application in-house, we can provide commented code, as well as a detailed explanation of the way the application has been written to the development team in order to assure a successful transfer of the knowledge required to ensure the application remains operational. Naturally, we will remain available in case of questions and to provide support as well.
Should you have any questions regarding the creation of a new project, our past work or any other development aspect, please refer to the contact page. Though our primary communication language is English, we are able to communicate fluently in Dutch, French and Italian as well.